The Law Office of Regina Walsh-Adams specializes primarily in three areas of law: Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability and Personal Injury.

A construction worker in a light blue shirt working on the side of a building overlooking some trees and a sidewalk.

Workers Compensation:

An injured worker in Colorado is entitled to all reasonable medical care and treatment needed to cure or relieve a specific work-related injury or continuous trauma or repetitive stress or repetitive strain injury. Medical care covered by Colorado Workers’ Compensation insurance claims include: medical, surgical and hospital services, dental services, crutches and orthopedic devices, hearing aids, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy, nursing care, etc and prescribed medications. Colorado Workers’ Compensation cases cover a variety of work injuries ranging from temporary disability to total or partial permanent disability.

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A person in hospital garb sits in a wheelchair on a large tiled floor.

Social Security Disability:

Have you been denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) or Supplemental Security income (SSI) benefits? Don’t give up. The majority of applications are denied at least once; many are denied more than once.;

However, with the assistance of an experienced attorney, you may improve your chances of receiving benefits.

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A nurse in dark blue scrubs smiles over a patient in light blue hospital gown in a hospital room.

Personal Injury:

The Law offices of Regina Walsh Adams Personal Injury and Car and Auto Accident practice in Greeley, Colorado encompasses a wide range of legal areas, including automobile and motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, workers’ compensation claims, slip and falls, wrongful death, medical malpractice, Social Security Disability.

We have handled the most complicated and serious of injury cases (to less serious injuries such as neck and back strains and no matter the severity of your injury, we bring the same experienced team approach, intensity, work ethic, skill and determination to every case we handle.

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