Greeley social security disabilitiesHave you been denied Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD) or Supplemental Security income (SSI) benefits? Don’t give up. The majority of applications are denied at least once; many are denied more than once.

However, with the assistance of an experienced attorney, you may improve your chances of receiving benefits.

At the Law Office of Regina Walsh Adams, we have helped hundreds of people receive benefits. We know the judges, we try numerous cases and we understand what type of information the court wants to see. Whether you were disabled by an injury at work, an accident or because of an illness, you may be eligible for SSD or SSI. For a free consultation, please call 877-800-5575 or email us.

The Social Security Disability Process

Generally, you must have been disabled for six months and prove that you will be disabled for one year. You must demonstrate that you cannot work full-time in any readily available job for which you are medically qualified.

Only about 25 percent of SSDI applications are approved at the initial stage. If you have received a denial, you have 60 days to request a disability hearing. This is a good time to contact us. We can determine why you were denied and help you correct the problem.

Call us as soon as possible so we can begin working on your claim and gathering the medical reports and forms you need. We will represent you at the hearing.

Were you denied after your hearing? You may appeal the decision in federal court. We can assist you with this process, as well.

People often have many questions about SSDI and SSI, including:

What are the disability factors?

Do I have enough “quarters” to get SSDI benefits?

Is my household income “too high” for SSI benefits?

We will answer your questions and help you understand the application and appeals processes. Our firm has had significant success with these cases. We will relieve your worry and frustration. Please call our office at 877-800-5575 to schedule an appointment.